Why Adoption is Better Than Abortion?

Adoption can be a better choice if you are facing an unplanned pregnancy. Sometimes it may feel like abortion is the only solution. You may feel abortion is a quick fix to what may feel like an overwhelming problem. Choosing adoption is not always the easiest choice but it is a choice you can feel good about. It means you were willing to put yourself and your needs aside for the good of your child. It means you choose to hand pick the life you want  your child to have even when you knew you cannot provide that life.

Why Adoption is better Than Abortion

Although abortion may seem to be the quick solution it may not be the best solution. Through the years I have talked with many women who have had an abortion and at the time they felt it was the best choice for them. Many of these women regret the decision at some point. Some women feel guilt and regret for the rest of their life after aborting. While I believe every woman should have a choice, I also know first-hand that the abortion decision can haunt a woman for the rest of her life.

Women who have placed a baby for adoption typically say it was one of the hardest decisions they ever made but they rarely regret it. They typically feel good about themselves for making such a selfless choice and they rarely feel guilt.

As you consider the options available to you we are here to help if you would like to make an adoption plan. We will make sure you are cared for during your pregnancy.

Whatever you choose I hope you find the strength and support you need.