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Terms of Agreement – Adopt An Infant

Thank you for selecting Adopt An Infant to coordinate your adoption advertising needs. This document describes our agreement with respect to fees and adoption advertising services. By accepting these terms, the adopting parent(s) (aka Client) agree with these terms as set forth below.


As an adoption advertising coordinator, Adopt An Infant will provide the following services for their Clients:

  • Manage a comprehensive nationwide advertising program geared toward pregnant women considering adoption.
  • Provide adoption parents with a template and tools to manage their online profile.
  • Adoptive parents profile will be posted on a separate website (Place My Baby) that is 100% geared toward pregnant women considering adoption.
  • Handle initial calls from potential birth parents. This includes a hotline that is normally answered 24/7.
  • Gather initial information about the birth parents and provide this to information to potential adopting parents prior to their initial contact with the birth parents.
  • Arrange for initial contact between Client and the potential birth parents.


Once a mutual commitment to adoption is made by the birth parents and the adoptive parents, it is the responsibility of the adoption agency and/or adoption attorney to develop, manage, and further facilitate all aspects of the actual adoption plan, offer or provide counseling, give legal advice, and complete the adoption process.

Adopt An Infant is not a licensed adoption agency, attorney, law firm, adoption facilitator, adoption service provider, psychotherapist, investigator, or counselor. They are engaged solely in the business of coordinating Client’s adoption advertising efforts and related activities as set forth in this Agreement. Adopt An Infant does not place children for adoption. The birth mother/parents or licensed adoption agency places children for adoption.

It is not the responsibility of Adopt An Infant to advise Client in the laws or procedures of adoption in Client’s state or any other state, nor to engage in the unlicensed practice of law in the field of adoption. Client is advised to rely solely on competent and professional legal advice once they have connected with the birth parents and they wish to proceed with the adoption.

It is not the responsibility of Adopt An Infant to verify factual representations or conduct investigations. Without limitation, Adopt An Infant does not investigate, determine, or guarantee the suitability, legal availability, or mental or physical health of any prospective adoptive child or the veracity, reliability, identity or mental or physical health of prospective birth parents or adoptive parents.

Therefore, please be advised that, for separate and additional fees, Client will need to seek the legal advice and services of a licensed adoption agency and/or a competent adoption attorney in Client’s state, and/or the state where the birth parents reside, in order to assure that Client will be able to legally adopt a child.


Adopt An Infant is, in effect, Client’s “advertising representative,” placing adoption ads, taking the initial calls (i.e., receipt of initial information) and arranging for the initial contact between Client and birth parents. It is within Adopt An Infant’s sole discretion as to the frequency, location and content of the ads, which aid in the location of birth parents.

Be advised that Adopt An Infant does not “select” the adoptive family for the birth parents, or the birth parents for the adoptive family. It is up to the birth parents of the child to personally select Client as the adoptive parent(s) and for Client to agree to work with the birth parents. Adopt An Infant does not make decisions for Client or for the birth parents.


Adopt An Infant strongly suggests that Client does not commit to or provide any financial assistance to any birth parent without advice from their adoption attorney or adoption agency. Any money spent on these activities could be lost should a birth parent change their mind about placing their child for adoption. Be advised that Adopt An Infant never makes financial commitments to anyone on behalf of Client.


In order to maximize the exposure of Client’s profile, Adopt An Infant will post Client’s profile information on the Internet. Adopt An Infant will only use Client’s first names and will not list Client’s street address, personal phone numbers or personal email addresses. Only Adopt An Infant’s phone number(s) and email information will be used on Client’s profile information. In addition to posting Client’s information on the “Place My Baby” website, Adopt An Infant also reserves the right to post Client’s information on other adoption related websites.


Client agrees to pay Adopt An Infant an initial registration fee of $575, which is due and payable upon registering for their services. Once the Client’s adoption profile is ready to be posted on the “Place My Baby” website, Client agrees to pay a monthly fee of $275. This fee will be billed automatically for each month that Client’s profile is posted on the “Place My Baby” website. Client may terminate this service at any time and the billing will stop at the end of the current billing cycle.

Fees paid for Adopt An Infant services are not a “finder’s fee.” Fees paid are used for advertising and other related overhead expenses. The majority of these fees are directly related to the cost and time involved in running ads, managing the ads, analyzing the effectiveness of those ads, handling birth mother calls and the necessary follow up required.


The Client acknowledges that Adopt An Infant is not responsible for the results obtained by the Client through their services. The Client waives any claim for damages, direct or indirect, and agrees that the sole and exclusive remedy for any and all damages (either in contract or tort) shall be the return of the monthly fee paid to Adopt An Infant as set forth above. Client also agrees that should a dispute arise a resolution will be arranged by the ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) mediation procedures of the State of California.

Client(s) have read and understood these Terms of Agreement. By continuing to use the services of Adopt An Infant they agree to these terms.

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