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Adoption Services

Are you feeling lost, confused…

or maybe even frustrated at the thought of adoption? Are you afraid that the stories about the nightmarish waiting list and the red tape are all
true? Maybe you have already started down the adoption path, but are feeling lost.

You are not alone. Wherever you are in your journey, there is hope. There is a way to take the guess work out of adoption. Place My Baby can
help you achieve adoption success.

We understand how easy it is to get caught up in the adoption maze. We know because we have been there

Our Domestic Adoption Services

Provide Nationwide Adoption Advertising

Our multifaceted birth parent advertising program is one of the most successful in the U.S. We provide extensive yellow page advertising and internet marketing geared exclusively toward pregnant women considering adoption. We also work with abortion clinics, crisis centers and hospitals throughout the United States.

Provide Tools and Resources to Create a Dynamic “Birth Mother Letter”

Included in our adoption facilitation services are detailed guidelines to help you through the Birth Parent Letter process. With our guidance, our clients create a Birth Mother Letter that will help them get chosen by the right Birth Mother.

Answer Birth Mother Calls 24/7

Birth parents are provided with an 800 number that is professionally answered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We treat all birth mother calls with respect and compassion.

Thoroughly Screen Every Potential Birth Mother

We do not consider any situation to be a confirmed match until the following steps have been taken:

  • Obtain a proof of pregnancy and prenatal records
  • Birth parents complete detailed health history forms
  • A trained adoption counselor does a face to face assessment meeting with the prospective birth mother

These pieces of information are the pieces of the puzzle necessary to determine whether a situation is a fit for you and to protect you from adoption fraud or worse yet, failed adoption.

Provide Guidance for Your Initial Contact with the Birth Mother

The initial phone call is an emotional time for all parties. We will help to relieve your fears by providing you with guidance on this call. You will also receive preliminary information about the birth mother and her situation prior to the initial call.

Work Hand in Hand with Respected Adoption Agencies and Attorneys to Provide a Legally Sound Adoption

We have developed a network of trusted domestic adoption professionals from throughout the United States. These professionals work with us by providing the necessary legal components of the adoption. By working as a team to adopt a baby or newborn, our clients can be assured that every “i” will be dotted and “t” will be crossed, to provide a legally sound adoption.

Support Throughout the Adoption Process

We understand that there will be times when you need support, guidance and encouragement, and we are always willing to help.

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