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Ethnicity: Caucasian Religious affiliation: Spiritual Occupation: Stay at Home Mom
Ethnicity: Caucasian Religious affiliation: Spiritual Occupation: Producer Boston News


  • State of residence:MASSACHUSETTS
  • Relationship:married
  • Number of other biological children:1
  • Number of other adopted children:0
  • Willing to sending post-placement updates:yes
  • Willing to have post-placement visits:yes

Child Preferences

  • Gender:either
  • Caucasian:100%
  • Asian:50%
  • African American: 50%
  • Hispanic: 50%
  • Middle Eastern: 50%
  • Indian (non-American): 50%
Pam & Tony


  • Hi - We are Pam, Tony and Cameron

    We are a fun-loving family that’s always in search of our next adventure.  Whether that’s hitting the road to find our next great family tradition, or bringing together good friends for good times in our family-oriented neighborhood, we’re always looking to laugh and make memories.  Our friends and family would say we’re a loving, dedicated and hard-working family that’s not satisfied just sitting around.

    As parents, we understand the enormity of what a pregnancy is all about and we believe it takes an incredibly strong and loving person to place a baby for adoption.  Thank you for considering us to be your child’s parents and older, protective brother.

    About Us

    We met as a couple of college kids who went to schools that were hundreds of miles apart.  For a year and a half we took turns driving the five hours between Framingham and Syracuse to see each other on weekends.  We were immediately drawn to each other in part because we brought something out in the other.  I am very much an extrovert and Tony is more quiet and contemplative.  It is that dynamic that has continued to strengthen our marriage and guide us as parents.

    We live in a safe and quiet North Attleboro, MA neighborhood that is full of families.  Kids go from house to house gathering friends and then spend the day in together, riding bikes, playing ball or organizing neighborhood shows.  It’s not only the children that are close.  Parents often get together for book clubs, movie outings and house parties.  It’s truly a close-knit community and we plan on spending the rest of our lives here among friends watching our children grow up together.

    We have a 6-year-old son named Cameron.  When Pam was pregnant, she was diagnosed with a rare condition that resulted in a difficult pregnancy and months of bedrest.  We’ve always dreamed of having a big family and after deciding it was safer not to have more children biologically, we are excited to adopt our next child and look forward to being parents again.

    Cameron is one of the most outgoing kids you’ll ever meet.  He’s never met another boy or girl he doesn’t want to be friends with.  While in pre-school his teachers adoringly referred to him as “The Mayor” and now in kindergarten his teacher says he always walks around to each cluster of desks to talk to all his classmates. It took less than a year for our new house to become the center of the neighborhood with kids constantly ringing the doorbell asking him to come out and play.

    We have a real passion for traveling and have been fortunate to go on many adventures together as a couple and now as a family.  Whether it’s something spontaneous like a day trip to a New England attraction or to visit nearby family, or something longer and more planned out like a week at the lake or trip to Disney World, we’re not happy unless we’re doing something together.

    We also love getting together with our families throughout the year as most of them live just a car ride away.  Each summer we’ve made it a tradition to go to New Hampshire with Pam’s side of the family to the same lake where she went as a kid.  It’s fun now to enjoy with Cameron the same restaurants, ice cream stands and day trips that formed her childhood. In fact, we love it so much we’ve started a similar tradition with Tony’s family, bringing them up to same area during the summer. 

    About Pam by Tony

    Pam is the most outgoing person I’ve ever known and that warmth is largely what attracted me to her from the beginning.  Now as a mother, she’s taken that same bigger than life persona and created a loving and exciting environment for Cameron to grow up in.  She’s the type of person that’s never satisfied to sit at home and let any day go to waste.

    With Cameron in school now, Pam dove head first into the role of room parent.  She organizes parent volunteer days, often goes to class to read to the kids or helps in the Learning Center, and this winter she gathered parents to put together a holiday gift for the teachers. She has a great connection with teachers and parents and plays a very active role in Cam’s education.

    Even before school started, Pam and Cameron were an active pair in our local mom’s club.  She would organize playdates and take day trips.  It’s the main reason we have a large and supportive group of friends.  Pam has decided to be a stay at home mom with Cam and will continue this role with our next child. We wouldn’t have it any other way. She loves doing it, and feel grateful we are able to afford this option.

    Pam loves music especially anything she can dance to.  She sings out loud along with the radio (even though she doesn’t always know the words!).  Along with music, Pam is creative and crafty and always has supplies nearby so Cam and his friends can create their next work of art.  She’s also creative in the kitchen, often taking recipes from online and modifying them to become a family favorite like Cheesy Turkey meatloaf or kale and butternut squash pizza.

    People are immediately attracted to Pam.  She’s warm hearted, always willing to help a friend and is just the right amount of silly to make anyone feel at ease talking to her.  Her love for her family knows no bounds and it amazes me that as our extended family continues to grow, so too does her caring and nurturing personality.  She’s willing to do anything to get a smile from a niece or nephew, even if it means acting a little goofy!

    It is hard for me imagine a better mother than Pam.  As I watch Cam start to read or build elaborate tracks for his Hot Wheels - I think back to the hours she spent reading him books about birds and dinosaurs and how she always encouraged his creativity. I couldn’t be prouder of my son or the job Pam has done raising him.

    About Tony by Pam

    Tony is my best friend, the one I turn to for help, advice and affection. He’s my other half. From the first time I met him, it was clear Tony was a family-first guy.  He showed love, respect and pure joy as he interacted with his parents, siblings and extended family. It was also obvious how much they were drawn to him too. I could tell right away that family was very important to him and he was a good, kind, and humble person. I knew that these qualities were what I wanted in a husband and as the father of my children.

    In addition to being a family man, Tony is also very committed to his work. Over the years, many of his co-workers have approached me and told me that Tony is one-of-a-kind to work for and creates a happy and comfortable work environment. There is a lot of stress in his line of work, the TV news business, but he’s able to handle it with calmness and confidence and it’s a quality he brings home each day.

    As a father, Tony gives not only his love and patience, but also his time.  Whether it’s coaching T-Ball, planting a vegetable garden or waking up early Sunday morning to make pancakes with Cameron, family time comes first.  When he does get a free minute to himself, Tony enjoys running, riding his bike, swimming and playing golf.

    Tony is a selfless, hard-working family man. He has always been, and continues to be, there for me no matter what I need. He came from a large family and always talks of wanting many kids and I know there is plenty of space in his heart for our growing family. He’s always been there for me and Cameron and I know I can always count on him to be there for us and our family in the future.

    Thoughts on Parenting

    Our lives center around our family.  Every decision we will make in the future will be with our children in mind.  We will teach them that nothing is out of reach if you set your mind to it and never give up.  They will always have our love and support. However, when they do make a mistake, we’ll be there to make sure they learn from it and we’ll help pick them up and set them back on the path to success.

    We are both committed to working hard and providing financial security for our family.  Our plan is to provide an enriching environment with lots of opportunities to learn and grow. Both of us graduated from college with help from our parents, and we plan on doing on the same for our kids.  Saving for college and allowing them to start their adult lives free from student loan debt is important to us.

    We also believe that Cameron will provide an excellent example of an older brother.  He’s smart, funny and most of all affectionate.  He has longed for a younger sibling and we know he’ll be protective of his little brother or sister and they will grow up to become best friends.

    Thoughts on adoption

    We are 100% committed to completing our family through adoption and are excited about the possibility of sharing our child’s accomplishments, milestones and happiest moments with you.  We want you to be as involved in our child’s life as you feel comfortable.  Whether that’s sharing photos and stories online or visiting each other on occasion, we are more than willing to have you as part of our extended family as well.  Our child will know what a loving, selfless person you are and how your decision helped make our family whole.

    Thank you for considering us to take on the most important role of our lives: the family that loves, nurtures and raises your beautiful baby.

    If you would like to learn more about us or to arrange an initial phone call, please call Cindy (anytime) at A Loving Alternative (800) 556-5635.



    Pam, Tony & Cameron


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