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Ethnicity: Caucasian Religious affiliation: Christian Occupation: Teacher
Ethnicity: Caucasian & Latino Religious affiliation: Christian Occupation: Electrician


  • State of residence:WISCONSIN
  • Relationship:married
  • Number of other biological children:0
  • Number of other adopted children:0
  • Willing to sending post-placement updates:yes
  • Willing to have post-placement visits:maybe

Child Preferences

  • Gender:either
  • Caucasian:100%
  • Asian:%
  • African American: %
  • Hispanic: 100%
  • Middle Eastern: %
  • Indian (non-American): %
Heather & Mark


  • Heather and Mark


    Thank you for reading our letter. We are truly appreciative that you are taking the time to learn more about us, and our desire to become parents. We have longed to welcome a baby into our family for many years. We admire the courage to consider placing a baby for adoption, and we respect the strength it must take. We hope this letter gives you a glimpse into our lives and the life we hope to offer your child.

    AbouL4 - Heather & Markt Us


    Spending time together is number one in our relationship. We laugh a lot, appreciate what we have together, and feel very fortunate to have found one another. Enjoying each other’s company and offering mutual support are what keep us so close. It is our similar sense of humor that brings on belly laughs.We are best friends and rely on one another to get through life’s ups and downs. We know our strong marriage brings out the best in each of us. While we are serious about starting a family, we know that taking life too seriously can be unhealthy. We have been together for 10 years all the while wanting a child to share life with.

    We live in the outskirts of a major metropolitan area. It is common to see outdoor concerts and attend cultural festivals throughout most of the year. Our home is on a calm tree-lined street in a quiet neighborhood near many parks with lots of playground equipment and hiking trails.We purchased our home with the intention of raising a family in a child-friendly environment while providing all that a large city on a lake with beaches has to offer. Loving animals is one of our passions. Our cat, Vlad, loves playing and cuddling while our fish may not love cuddles, but are enjoyable nonetheless. We have enjoyed watching turkeys, hawks, and rabbits raise their young in our back yard. A puppy may be the next animal addition! We dream about discovering, exploring and creating new memories and life experiences together as a family. It will be so fun to play basketball, ride nature trails, look for bugs on walks, and jump rope with a little one. Lots of neighborhood children and families are waiting anxiously for us to bring home a baby, and they are excited to welcome him or her. Our new addition will have many playmates and play dates! We have a super close bond with our neighbors as we host summer family block parties and run our neighborhood block group. Community relationships are important, and we always want to do our part. 

    We put a priority on maintaining a close connection and spending some unplugged time together helps us do this. While we enjoy everything our local college and professional sports teams have to offer, our zoo, art museum, and public museum are top notch as well. The dinosaur exhibit and live butterfly room at the museum are spectacular. With Heather's teaching experience, she knows all the best field trip hot spots! Spending time outdoors is also important to us. Traveling to warm destinations such as Siesta Key, Florida is one of our favorite places to go. We enjoy shelling on the white, sandy beaches, swimming in the ocean, playing games in the sand, and appreciating ocean life. It is such a family-friendly area. To share these experiences with our child will make such trips so memorable. Outside of being active and traveling, we like to watch movies, see friends and their children, and work in the garden together. Growing flowers, herbs, and vegetables is so fun in the spring and summer. We look forward to sharing these activities and teaching our child to play, get dirty, and have fun! There is a mantra about dancing as if nobody was watching, and living with this thought is what we believe is life well-lived.

    The day we become parents together will truly be the happiest day of our lives. Our journey to become parents has been a long one, and we know that being loving parents is meant to be for us. We can’t wait to start a life together that includes a little one. It is a chapter we are so ready for!

    About Heather, by Mark

    Heather is a beautiful person inside and out and her sense of giving defines her. I was drawn to her infectious smile and sense of humor the first night we met. She loves puns and tries to insert them (however cheesy) into conversations. I remember thinking I hit the jackpot with such a pretty woman who is funny, too!

    She puts others first, and her relationships are solid because of it. Heather is never one to miss sending a birthday or get-well card or to check in on her family and friends. Knowing when people are in need comes naturally to her, and it is a part of her routine to initiate contacts the way she does.

    Heather is not only a great teacher, it is something she is meant to do. Her love of children led her to this calling. She has talked about playing school as a child, babysitting for all the kids on her block (probably playing school, too), and enjoys working in a school to this day. She has taught elementary students through middle school students.  Her kindness and patience with her students allows them to achieve their fullest potential. She is well-liked and respected. Heather has a knack for language, and I know reading, language, and writing are important skills to teach and foster at home. She has a pile of favorite books just waiting for eager hands to open.

    Maintaining long-term friendships is important to Heather, and she still has friends from elementary and middle school. When together, they spend time shopping, having coffee, exercising and spending time with their children. She makes crafts with the kids, reads with them, and has some Chutes and Ladders skills. Heather loves being around children, and I know she will be a very dedicated mother. Her friends’ children run to her and tackle her with hugs when they see her.

    A driven and motivated person, Heather sees hoops through which to jump as opportunities. She’ll provide our children with varied experiences and education supplemented with all of her reading and writing know-how. Building relationships based on open communication and trust is something she’s good at and will do with our child as well. She views motherhood as the most important job in the world and will be great at it.

    Lucky for me, Heather is a great cook who tries new Pinterest recipes all the time, and I get to be the taste-tester! She takes good care of our home and loves to entertain in it. You name the holiday, she's got decorations up for it. Heather will love the child-created crafts to hang in our home as well. She'll be the kind of mom who will put little notes in lunch boxes saying things like "Good luck on your math quiz!"

    I can picture Heather and our child playing catch in the backyard, reading fairy tales with different voices, and cuddling by the fire with marshmallows at night. The same smile I mentioned previously is the smile I can see on her face enjoying such family time together. It makes my heart happy just thinking about completing our family with a child.

    About Mark, by Heather

    When Mark and I first met, our mutual attraction was so obvious to both of us, and as I got to know him better, his kindness and attentiveness were what drew me toward him even more.  I knew there was something special about him and us. I remember thinking that he had the whole rough on the outside look with a soft, teddy bear on the inside thing going on.

    He is very witty and charming. Hearing him laughing in the other room as he is watching something on TV or on a YouTube video makes my heart smile. He’s got the best belly laugh. I know I laugh more now than I ever have because of him.

    Mark has fostered many of his current friendships since childhood. He and his friends spend time working on cars, going to games and visiting with all of our families. He’s a great friend and nurtures these relationships by helping his friends and always being willing to support them.

    Full of charisma and a magnetic personality, he always makes a positive first impression. Making people feel special and heard is what he does best. Very knowledgeable about world events and passionate about social justice, I often kid that he should have gone into news reporting! I know Mark will use this information to teach our child about fairness and equality.

    Mark is an avid Milwaukee Brewers, Wisconsin Badgers, Milwaukee Bucks and Green Bay Packers fan. He is never at a loss for conversation regarding the current season highlights. I know a basketball hoop will adorn our driveway for nightly sessions, and his love of sports will surely transfer into teaching about teamwork and leading an active lifestyle.

    Movies and music are two of Mark’s passions, which are fueled by fond childhood memories and happy times with siblings and parents that revolved around music and movies. I have never seen a movie collection as vast as the one he has. I love this creative side of Mark and how wide his interests are in both areas. I find the connections these have to his childhood very touching. Mark’s strong work ethic says so much about his character and desire to provide for his family. I heard this loudly the first night we met. He understands that dedication, and striving to succeed is such a powerful life skill. Mark applies these attributes as an electrical worker. Working for the city in this position for over 15 years offers much stability and possibility. He is looked up to by his co-workers and administrators and takes pride in doing his job well. I know Mark will instill this value system in our child.

    About Heather & Mark, from our friends 

    Three separate life-long friends had this to say...

    "...they have taken care to make a warm and loving home that any child would be fortunate to call their own. I would say Heather and Mark would parent a child with love, understanding, patience, humor and wisdom that will see them through the stresses that life will bring." -Judy W

    "They will both be attentive, kind, patient parents who will provide structure in their child's life within a fun, creative environment. They know that play is an important part of a child's growth and learning process. I feel they will be excellent parents." -Judy F

    "I have observed both of them interact with my own children in a loving and caring manner always willing to help if needed. They have not only respect and love for themselves but for others by helping others as much as they can. They have a strong desire to adopt and become parents." -Amy S

    Our Hopes

    We hope to raise a child with love, support, opportunities and stability. We will instill values and traditions and foster faith and beliefs. We will offer them our guidance based on our experiences, while they pursue their own dreams. Our child will enjoy a lifetime of happiness with opportunities to experience different cultures and receive a great education. The stability of our careers will allow us to have a college fund set up as well.

    L3 - Heather & Mark

    With the support of our families and friends, our child will be loved and accepted unconditionally. Everybody we know is just as excited as we are to welcome our baby home. We look forward to all of the “firsts” such as first words, and first steps along with all of life’s rites of passage. Planning birthday parties, going to school functions, helping with homework and watching a child grow will be so fulfilling and exciting. Holding and supporting our child each and every day will be such a reward. We are so looking forward to transitioning from a couple to a family!

    Thoughts On Adoption

    Through the years of trying to conceive, our thoughts on adoption have always been positive. The idea of welcoming a baby into our family is what’s most important and we’ve always been open to adoption. Heather’s mom was adopted, which has given us the chance to experience the unwavering love and joyous family bond that adoption can provide. We are very comfortable with our decision to adopt and are looking forward to being a family.

    Our adoption story will be shared with our child early on. Your story and the decision you made out of love and thoughtfulness will certainly be fostered and shared. We are open to sharing letters and pictures with you over the years if that is something you are comfortable with. We will be honored if you consider us as possible parents for your child.

    If you would like to learn more about us or arrange a phone call so we can get to know each other better, please call Adopt An Infant at (800) 905-6990.

    With thanks,

    Heather and Mark


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