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Ethnicity: Caucasion Religious affiliation: Spiritual Occupation: TV Reporter
Ethnicity: Caucasion Religious affiliation: Spiritual Occupation: DJ


  • State of residence:CALIFORNIA
  • Relationship:married
  • Number of other biological children:0
  • Number of other adopted children:0
  • Willing to sending post-placement updates:yes
  • Willing to have post-placement visits:yes

Child Preferences

  • Gender:either
  • Caucasian:100%
  • Asian:50%
  • African American: 50%
  • Hispanic: 100%
  • Middle Eastern: 50%
  • Indian (non-American): 50%
Renee & Dale


  • Hello! We are Renee & Dale.

    L1 - Renee & Dale  

    We are so grateful to you for taking the time to get to know us.

    We live to laugh, spend time with family and friends, and have so much love to give. We’re an active couple.  We love to travel, have adventures, and enjoy life’s  journey every step of the way.  We feel blessed to experience many wonderful things in life and want to share all of these things with our growing family.

    We honor and acknowledge the amazing love you must have for your child and your incredible strength.  To us, you are a rock star! We’ve been talking about adoption since we first met. We believe it’s the best way for us to grow as a family.

    We’re so excited to start a family and hope to meet you soon!

    About Us

    From pepperoni pizza and a walk on the beach, we clicked right away on our first date.  The feeling of butterflies and attraction grew into becoming best friends with a solid, loving foundation.  After dating for a year, Dale proposed on live television! (Renee is a TV reporter and Dale surprised her  by popping the question on the air--on Valentine’s Day....talk about romantic )  We’ve been married close to three years now and are ready to start our family.

    L4 - Renee & Dale

    For us, the best days are filled with adventure, travel and having fun--whether it’s parasailing, skiing, hiking, or spending time with our amazing friends and family. Our goal in life is to keep learning and growing in love and faith, while being the best people we can be.

    We live in beautiful sunny San Diego, 25 minutes from gorgeous white sand beaches.   Our home is located in the foothills, away from the city.  When we wake up, we breathe in the clean, fresh air of the mountains and foothills.  We love walking together in our country community with it’s incredible canyon views.  We see horses, goats, and all kinds of wildlife and nature.  On a typical weekend day, you’ll find us walking together hand in hand in the foothills, feeding apples and carrots to our favorite horses, Haley and Montana. Then we head to the beach to walk, play on the sand or laugh and splash in the water.  We long to share these moments with our growing family.

    One of our favorite traditions we’re excited to pass on to our child is our nightly “appreciations.” Holding hands, Dale tells Renee three things he appreciates about himself,  like how he has good follow through, by finishing cleaning out our pool. Then he tells Renee three things he appreciates about her, like how thoughtful she is by going to the store and surprising him with his very favorite dessert, vanilla Haagen-Dazs –the BIG carton.  Sometimes, we’ll even get on a roll of what we appreciate about each other and just keep going until we realize, “Hey….we’ve gone way over three!” Then, we break into laughter. We’ve noticed that saying out loud what we appreciate about ourselves, as well as each other, makes us feel confident, proud, acknowledged, and connected to one another.  We want to encourage our child to have good, healthy self-esteem, as well as to be thankful for the actions and kindness of others.  “Appreciations” does this so well and is also really fun!

    We’re known for our fun, festive, family-friendly pool parties with the aloha spirit.  Tropical music from the Hawaiian islands plays in our backyard.  Kids wearing floaties fill up the shallow end, giggling and splashing.  Our close friends relax in the sun, dancing to the island sounds, then take a dip in the clear, warm, blue water.   Dale grills burgers, hot dogs, veggies, and chicken kabobs, while singing slightly off tune, to his favorite Israel Kamakawiwo’ole song, “Over the Rainbow.” I mingle with our guests, serving up side dishes of homemade guacamole and my special strawberry delight fruit salad.

    Eventually, Dale cannon-balls into the deep end. The older kids and their Dads join in the pool tricks. We cook s’mores.  Dale grabs his guitar. And the pool party ends with a sing along, full of Neil Diamond songs, like “Sweet Caroline”.

    Our child will have five loving and doting aunties and uncles and thirteen cousins ready to read bedtime stories, cuddle, take them to the park, play with them, and, occasionally spoil them with a double scoop of cookie dough ice cream.  Two sets of grandparents are also on “stand by”, waiting to take our little one on walks, swimming in our pool, and shopping for a sparkly or super cool new outfit.  During the holidays, Renee’s entire family gets together at her parents’ (Nina and Zeda) house to celebrate in style. Nina and Zeda are so excited to hold our little one and teach them the “grab bag game”.  That’s when, after most presents have been opened, all the grown-ups and kids have one more special present wrapped up for them, waiting in a box, with their name on it.  On the count of three, Zeda dramatically dumps all the presents on the ground and everyone jumps on top of each other (safely, of course!) to try and find their gift.  We all laugh hysterically, end up opening someone else’s present, and eventually find the special gift Nina and Zeda thoughtfully picked out for each of us.  

    We are truly best friends, sharing life’s journey together, and laughing along the way. We communicate well, respect each other’s differences, and are each other’s biggest fans.  When Dale plays with his soccer team, the Strikerz, you’ll find Renee cheering the loudest  in the front row, getting the crowd to do “the wave”, and doing a victory dance when he scores a goal.  When Renee emcees a charity event and fires up the crowd with her improv games, you’ll see Dale there, doubling over in laughter and  beaming with pride. He’s the first one to volunteer to help Renee show the crowd how to play the games. Yay for Team Dale and Renee! Now, we’d really love to add another little member to our team.

    About Renee, by Dale

    Renee’s warm, contagious, loving smile and big, giving heart make people fall in love with her. It worked on me!  She’s talked about being a mom from the moment we met. She has so much love to give. She’s truly authentic, listens with her whole heart, and sees the good and the gifts in everyone.  Being around Renee makes you feel encouraged and inspired…like YOU are someone special.  Did I mention she’s also a huge goofball with a great sense of humor who can always laugh at herself?!

    L2 - Renee & Dale

    Her kind, fun, and warm personality shines on TV as a weathercaster and reporter.  Her love for helping others and improv comedy drove her to create a program to empower women, “Healing Through Humor.”  She loves to have fun, stay connected with the people in her life and do good in the world. I’m so proud to be with someone who brings so much positivity, joy, and compassion to everything she does.  A child will be so lucky to have her unconditional love, tremendous caring spirit--and her SPUNK!  

    Renee comes from a big, loving, affectionate family. She thrives on spending time with her nieces and nephews. They do special outings with their favorite “Aunt Nay”, like watching the dolphin show at SeaWorld, having relay races at the park, and doing dance contests to see who can come up with the coolest moves.  Renee treasures the laughter, fun, and closeness of her wonderful family.

    About Dale, by Renee

    Dale captured my heart when I saw the love, kindness, and caring he has for his family and friends. His quick wit, giving spirit and sexy soccer legs didn’t hurt, either :) 

    L3 - Renee & Dale

    Dale worked from the time he was 11 as a paper boy, then flipped burgers at 13, and taught guitar at 15 so that he could put himself through college. Dale’s strong work ethic and athletic talents led him to become a professional soccer player after college--then create a successful business he loves. He brings fun, joy, and happiness to people as an emcee and DJ--helping them celebrate life’s most special moments. He plays soccer for fun now. He’s also a wonderful musician, playing guitar and leading sing alongs with passion. And that’s  how he lives his life, too--to the absolute fullest.   He gives everything he’s got and you can always count on him.   His caring, kind, outgoing, playful personality comes through in his work, at home, and with his family and friends.  He’d do anything for me and our child to be happy. He’s wonderful with our nieces and nephews and they all want to spend time with Uncle Dale, the soccer guy!

    Staying healthy, being active, and taking fun trips top Dale’s list. His enthusiasm for life, playfulness, and positive energy will be a gift and blessing to our child.

    What We Hope To Offer

    When we found out we couldn’t get pregnant, it became our passion and purpose to adopt. We’re excited to raise our child in a loving, safe, secure, nurturing home.

    Financially and emotionally stable, we are prepared to be parents and it will be our greatest privilege to give our son or daughter love, structure, guidance, encouragement, faith, humor, and tons of hugs and kisses.  There will be chores, of course, to teach responsibility and the importance of working together as a team.

    We believe strongly in education and having hands on life experiences to learn and grow and follow your dreams.  We’ll educate and empower them to make the best decisions for themselves as they become more independent.

    They’ll be surrounded by so many loving, excited family members and friends who will shower them with more hugs and kisses than you can imagine!

    More than anything, we want you to know we’ll love our child unconditionally and devote our lives to giving him or her endless love, security, and joy.  We’ll encourage them always to believe in themselves and let them know we stand behind them 100%.  They will always be loved, safe, allowed to feel their feelings and express them respectfully. And we’ll honor who they are--their unique gifts, talents, interests and passions. 

    Our child will know their history from the very beginning. We’ll tell them about their brave mom and her loving choice and how lucky we are to get to raise them.  We’re open to talking about how much communication you want after the adoption. We’re flexible in this area.  Your child will be loved to the moon and stars every day of their life.  And they’ll always know how much you love them. We’ll tell them all the time!

    Thank you for taking the time to read our story. We’re so grateful for your brave decision.

    If you would like to learn more about us or arrange a phone call so we can get to know each other better, please call Adopt An Infant at (800) 905-6990. We’re so excited to meet you and get to know you.

    With Love,

    Renee and Dale




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