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Ethnicity: Caucasian Religious affiliation: Occupation: Teacher
Ethnicity: Caucasian Religious affiliation: Occupation: Teacher


  • State of residence:WASHINGTON
  • Relationship:married
  • Number of other biological children:0
  • Number of other adopted children:0
  • Willing to sending post-placement updates:yes
  • Willing to have post-placement visits:maybe

Child Preferences

  • Gender:either
  • Caucasian:100%
  • Asian:50%
  • African American: 50%
  • Hispanic: 50%
  • Middle Eastern: 25%
  • Indian (non-American): 25%
Rosalind & Todd


  • Greetings!

    We are Todd and Rosalind. Our belief is that life is an adventure and feel very fortunate that we found each other to share all that it has to offer. Having a child to share our love with would make us truly blessed. The prospect of becoming parents is very exciting for us.

    Thank you for taking the time to read our book and to get to know us. We admire your willingness to take this journey, and wish you the very best throughout.

    L1 - Rod Todd 

    We met 15 years ago while working to improve community health. Our shared passions drew us together and shortly after we found ourselves inseparable. Three years later we gathered our families on a quiet lake in upstate New York to celebrate our marriage.

    Although we grew up six hours from each other, we were worlds apart. Todd was raised in the suburbs of Cleveland, Ohio, while Rosalind spent her youth in rural New York.  Todd comes from a large, close-knit family and his childhood home remains the central gathering place during holidays for the entire extended family. For Rosalind, holidays were a simple family affair with just her parents and siblings involving late night board game marathons. During the summers Todd went to camp, creating lasting friendships. Rosalind spent summers in Florida with her Grandparents having fun on the beach with family.  Todd enjoyed participating in sports, including lacrosse and hockey, while Rosalind could be found in the music room practicing her trombone for marching band, or baritone for concert band. We were both fortunate to share our upbringing with siblings. Todd has an older sister and Rosalind has an older sister and a younger brother who are sure to be fantastic aunts and uncles.

    We have a shared passion for education and had the great fortune to teach in the same school for several years. Todd is a Social Studies teacher who loves to engage young people in the study of history and politics. Rosalind teaches Advanced Language Arts and Forensic Science. She is passionate about igniting a love of learning in her students and is frequently as excited as they are about the day’s lesson. Rosalind has also enjoyed coaching both track and cross-country throughout her teaching career.  This love of learning is something that we look forward to sharing with a child. Rosalind cannot wait to curl up and read Winnie the Pooh before naptime, and Todd is eager to teach them about trees and animals.

    A12 - Ros Todd

    Being outside and being active is one of our favorite things to do together. We are happy to hike, ski, kayak, canoe, climb, surf, explore tide pools or simply walk along the river. Our home is filled with maps, and we love to look at them together and plan where we will explore next. Our love of being active and awe of the natural world is something we look forward to sharing with a child. 

    Our animals are one of the lights of our life. Our sweet dog Mira loves children and will be a great companion for a child. Other than cuddling, her favorite thing is to get out on the local trails to socialize and of course chase the occasional squirrel. Our two cats, Mr. Wolf and Poofins are affectionate boys who love warm laps and sunlit windows.

    Recently, we relocated to a family friendly town in Western Washington with lots of fun activities for children of all ages. Ensuring access to a multitude of educational and enrichment opportunities was one of the main motivating factors that led to our move. We are close to both Seattle and Vancouver, allowing us to have all the advantages of a large city, but giving us the small town feel. Our new home is situated in the middle of a historic district that is just a few minutes walk to the downtown area. It is well suited for a family, including a finished basement perfect for a playroom and backyard that is completely fenced in. We are surrounded by families with young children.

    On Saturdays we can be found at the Farmer’s Market buying fresh produce for Rosalind to incorporate into our meals. Something is always happening at the Farmer’s Market, so this is also a time for socializing and taking in live music. Sundays are our family day and frequently starts with a special breakfast; one of our favorites is waffles with fruit. On the evening weeknights we like to cook dinner together and then take Mira on a walk around our neighborhood.

    Rosalind is an amazing person and is going to be an amazing Mom. She is full of love and nurturing that she can’t wait to share with a child. When Rosalind walked into my life 15 years ago, it was the best thing that’s ever happened to me. I love her wonder at the natural world, and how she gets giddy about things as simple as the spiders in our garden. She constantly reminds me to see the beauty in the little things. I love that she sometimes breaks into song for no particular reason and that she dances in kitchen when she thinks that I’m not watching. When we have to be apart she tucks letters into my bag, reminding me how much she loves me. 

    Rosalind fully supported me as I changed careers. By sharing her experience and insight with me, she helped me develop into a successful teacher. She completely embraced my family and has supported them in both happy and difficult times. Rosalind stepped in to help my family handle my Dad’s illness and passing, and even though she was grieving, she put my mother, sister and I first to help us push through.   I know that she will love and support a child with all of her heart because it is simply her nature.

    In addition to Roz’s huge heart, she is a person with exceptional smarts, drive and talent.  Even though she will focus her energies as an at home Mom once we adopt, she has truly been awe-inspiring in her career as an educator.  Her position in school has required her to work closely with individual students and she has developed incredible bonds with many of them over the years.  To say that she has changed lives in the classroom is an understatement. Many of them refer to her as “Mom”, and in many ways she has been a true mother to some of her students who depend on her for the understanding and affection she provides.

    About Rosalind

    Rosalind is an excellent chef that likes to experiment with fun, unique meals made with healthy ingredients.  While she enjoys cooking, her true talent is in the baked goods department. Even though I have been a major recipient of this good fortune, she shares her love with friends and family through her baking gifts.  She regularly lifts the spirits of her co-workers with a specially baked treat.  I can’t wait for Rosalind to have a child to share the kitchen with, I can easily picture them decorating holiday cookies together.

    L2 - Rod Todd

    One of her other great loves is photography. For the last 15 years she has created a photographic library of memories. She recently documented the entire family gathering to celebrate her Grandma’s 90th birthday! She also enjoys expressing her artistic side by capturing stunning images of everything from lightning storms to baby owls in their nests. 

    Rosalind is going to be an awesome Mom. No matter if she is knitting fun hats for our child, baking them a special birthday cake, or just reading a book to them on a rainy afternoon, she will ensure that they know how much she loves and cherishes them.

    About Todd, by Rosalind

    Todd is an incredible person and I feel truly lucky to have him as my best friend. When I met him I was immediately drawn in by his smile, his love of his two 10 year-old cats, his passion for music and that his idea of a first date was to take me hiking. Since that time we have hiked thousands of miles together and there is no one I would rather share the journey with.

    One of the things I adore about Todd is that he is an extremely thoughtful person. My heart skips a beat when I realize he has tailored a music mix to my tastes, or when I hear his happiness at an event in a friend’s life. He takes time to appreciate the everyday things. He has thanked me for every meal that I have made, even when it is just a sandwich and everyday he takes time to play with our animals.  

    Another great thing about Todd is that he is a natural born teacher. Over the years he has taught me many things, including how to ski. He remained patient throughout the process, even as I became frustrated at the number of times I fell down.  I have loved watching him teach in the classroom because it is about more than just a lesson for him, he wants to make sure that everyone learns and enjoys it. He incorporates music and art into his classroom while giving students a safe place to voice their opinion and express themselves. The thought of him teaching our child is something that fills my heart with joy.

    I have always admired Todd’s relationship with his family and friends. As a child, Todd had a lot of fun being involved in sports with his Dad.  For them, hockey was a family affair and is something Todd continues to enjoy playing to this day. His Dad gave him a great appreciation of music, and a love of politics. Todd is really close with his Mom. They can talk for hours and have quite a few shared passions including a love for Cleveland sports teams. Todd has a group of close knit friends, most of whom he has known since middle school.  Their friendship is extremely important and once a year they get together for some type of fun-filled adventure.

    L3 - Rod Todd

    What we hope to Offer a Child

    First and foremost, we will offer a loving home that is a safe, supportive and a nurturing place to grow up.  As teachers we strongly believe in offering learning opportunities and allowing a child to find the path that they are inspired by. Our roles as educators have given us many tools to handle various aspects of parenting. As parents we look forward to being engaged with our child. 

    We both have family that is eager to embrace a child and surround them with love. Just as importantly, over the years we have built an extended family of friends that are ready to support us and our child on this journey. Between friends and family, they will have many other young people to grow up with. Fortunately, we are in a financial situation that will allow us to fill a child’s life with enriching activities, as well as traveling and adventure.  This includes ensuring that whether they decide to pursue college or any other form of education, it can become a reality.  Rosalind plans on being a stay-at-home mom and looks forward to spending her time creating a happy, loving home.

    Thoughts on Adoption

    Both of our lives have been touched by adoption so we both know what an amazing and beautiful thing it can be. We look forward to telling our child their adoption story, which will include where they came from and how much love surrounded this decision. We are happy to provide pictures and letters if that is something that you would like to have. If you would like to learn more about us or arrange a phone call so we can get to know each other better, please call Adopt An Infant at (800) 905-6990.


    Rosalind and Todd


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