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Ethnicity: Caucasian Religious affiliation: Presbyterian Occupation: Hospital administrator
Ethnicity: Caucasian Religious affiliation: Presbyterian Occupation: Software engineer


  • State of residence:CALIFORNIA
  • Relationship:married
  • Number of other biological children:0
  • Number of other adopted children:1
  • Willing to sending post-placement updates:yes
  • Willing to have post-placement visits:yes

Child Preferences

  • Gender:either
  • Caucasian:100%
  • Asian:50%
  • African American: 50%
  • Hispanic: 50%
  • Middle Eastern: 50%
  • Indian (non-American): 50%
Christy & Geoff


  • Hello!

    We are Geoff, Christy, and Sophie and we live in sunny Southern California. As you read about us, we hope you will see our love of children shining through and how excited we are to grow our family.

    Thank you so very much for taking the time to get to know us.

    About Us

    We first met in college as study partners and quickly became best friends. We both had stronger feelings than “just friends”, and eventually Geoff worked up the nerve to ask Christy out. We’ve been married for 20 years now and believe falling in love with our best friend has provided a solid foundation for a strong and loving marriage.

    While becoming parents took longer than expected, we were blessed to adopt Sophie in 2015 and have enjoyed every minute of this new chapter. She is happy and loving and greets us every morning with a big smile, which melts our hearts. She loves to dance, swing and slide at the park, and play with other kids in the neighborhood. We’re both excited to watch Sophie and her brother or sister grow up together and build a strong sibling bond.

    In our spare time, we love traveling and exploring new places. Usually our adventures take us outdoors where we enjoy hiking and biking and the beauty of nature. Recently, we celebrated our 20th anniversary with a trip to Kauai. Sophie came with us and one of our favorite memories is taking her on hikes on the gorgeous trails. We also make a point to visit state and national parks anywhere we go.

    Our home is in a diverse, family-friendly neighborhood. Kids safely gather in our cul-de-sac to shoot hoops, ride bikes, or just hang out. In our backyard there’s plenty of room to play and nearby we have community playgrounds, several biking paths, parks, and hiking trails.  Living near the ocean we get to enjoy beautiful sunsets from our backyard and love taking walks along the beach. One of the perks of living here is being near one of the best zoos in the country and we are also close to Disneyland, Legoland, aquariums, parks, and many fun events.

    Sometimes we head over to our community athletic center. It has pools, tennis courts, and a children’s playground. In the evenings they often offer family activity nights and children have fun running around and playing together.

    We’re very involved in our church and have made many good friends through this connection. It has a social group with lots of young families, a Mom’s group, and our bible study group of young parents who all had their first child within a 12-month period.

    Both of us value the time we spend with our extended family and make a big effort to keep those relationships strong. We regularly visit friends and family in Pennsylvania and video chatting helps us feel connected too. We spend the holidays together, either by flying to Pennsylvania or hosting at our house. With our amazing weather and retired parents we’re blessed to have frequent visitors. Your child will have two sets of doting grandparents, an aunt and uncle, two cousins, a sister, and lots of friends who are all excited to love them.

    About Christy, by Geoff

    Christy is my best friend and I love sharing my life with her. She is a very loyal and caring person, and would do anything for her friends and family.

    Education is highly important to Christy and she’s the first in her family to graduate from college. After earning two master’s degrees - one in health administration and one in business administration – she now works as a hospital administrator. Having lost a close family member to cancer when she was twelve, she finds deep personal meaning in improving patients’ lives.

    You will never meet a bigger Disney fan than Christy. She has seen every classic Disney princess movie repeatedly, and happily went to Disney World multiple times as a child. We’ve been to Disney World and Disneyland several times together and she enjoys going anytime the opportunity comes up. Riding It’s A Small World, watching the parade, and taking pictures with the characters never gets old for her. It’s impossible not to share her enthusiasm when you’re around her in this environment. Next thing you know you’ve got a Mickey hat on and you’re searching for the hidden Mickeys around the park. We all went for Sophie’s first birthday. She loved meeting the characters and Christy was excited to see Sophie discover her own love for Disney.

    Christy loves hosting holiday dinners for friends and family, especially Christmas, which is her favorite holiday. She’s an excellent cook - everyone who tastes her corn pudding casserole asks for the recipe! She bakes and decorates lots of cookies and often gives cookie bags to friends, family, and co-workers. This past Christmas our niece enjoyed learning to make cookies with Christy, and Sophie will be joining in as soon as she’s old enough

    Because everyone knows she loves Christmas, Disney, and snowmen, Christy has gotten so many ornaments as gifts over the years that we now decorate three Christmas trees every December: a large traditional tree, a tall skinny Disney ornaments tree, and a small snowmen tree.

    In her spare time, Christy loves to do jigsaw and Sudoku puzzles and exercises her creativity by making jewelry. Also a big Pittsburgh Steelers fan, she has introduced Sophie to football and the excitement of cheering for her beloved black and gold.

    I love Christy even more after seeing her become an incredible mother. With endless patience and genuine joy, she loves getting down on the floor to play and teach Sophie anything she’s excited to learn about. Her love of all children is obvious to anyone who knows her. Nobody gets left out when she’s around as she expertly includes kids in fun activities like puzzles, board and card games, and crafts.

    Christy has a strong commitment to her work helping patients, but balances that with being a mother and spending quality time with Sophie and our family.

    About Geoff, by Christy

    One of the reasons I fell in love with Geoff is his kindness and caring nature. I loved being around him so much that I actually took an additional calculus class in college just to be in the same class with him and continue as study partners. He has always been willing to drop anything to help others. When I broke my ankle in college and did not want to miss a semester, he was there to support me and ensure that I made it to class.

    2L3 Christy & Geoff

    Geoff is my best friend and I can talk to him about anything. He is very committed to our marriage and relationship. We also have a lot of activities that we enjoy together such as hiking, biking, and playing tennis.

    Geoff has a master’s degree in computer science and works as a software engineer. A tech geek to his core, he loves technology and is always looking for the newest electronic gadgets. I can count on him to look into everything from purchasing a new refrigerator to where to go and stay on vacations.

    Every week Geoff gets out to the tennis courts to play regular games with friends or in a league at our community activity center. He loves the friendly competition and social nature of the sport and can’t wait to teach our children to play. In my mind I can see him patiently tossing balls and showing them how to swing their rackets.

    Ever since he was a kid, Geoff has loved to read. His parents read to him regularly and once he could read on his own, he loved hiding under the covers with a flashlight to read late into the night. One of my favorite pictures of him as a child shows him reading to his sister who is ten years younger. Science fiction books are his favorite and he’s kept his childhood collection to share with our children. This passion for finding exciting stories has made him a fun storyteller and he’s always searching for great children’s books to read to Sophie. He enjoys this special time with her and I think he likes reliving his childhood in this way too.

    He is a kid at heart and is always at the kids table at big gatherings or outside playing and having fun with the kids. Once, when we held a Christmas party for our friends and family, Geoff and his best friend built a gingerbread house with all of the kids assisting. He loves the Muppets, entertaining people with his juggling and brainteaser puzzles. He’s the kind of dad who is fun for kids to be around and I’m proud of the way he lovingly interacts with all children.

    Since I met Geoff he’s become more and more interested in cooking and can now make delicious dishes of all kinds. He started messing around with food in grad school as a break from studying and now he ranges from making spicy food to perfecting the art of making S’mores in the oven, which is one of my favorite desserts. He can’t wait to teach our children how to cook.

    Geoff is a great father and is equally involved with all things Sophie. He changes diapers, feeds her a bottle, dresses her, helps bathe her, goes to every doctor’s appointment, and has been there to comfort her when she’s had a cold, tummy ache, or is teething. It warms my heart to see how much he loves spending time with Sophie to play, read, and teach her new skills. I’m excited to see him develop a close bond with our next baby also.

    What We Hope to Offer a Child

    We want our children to have every advantage and opportunity we can offer. But we also want to teach them to budget their money, make educated decisions, and give of their talents and time.

    Education is very important to us and we believe that it is a critical role for parents to be involved in their children’s education. We chose our home partly because it is in a highly rated school district. We are proud to have attended public schools and believe in the public education system. We also value higher education and have the financial means for our children to go to college and choose whatever major they desire.

    Religion is also important to us, so we plan to raise our children in our Christian faith. However, since both of our parents gave us choice in a church, we plan to do the same with our children.

    Our Thoughts on Adoption

    Your child’s story begins with your brave decision to consider adoption and we would be honored if you felt the next chapter of their story would be best spent with us. If you choose us to adopt your baby, please take comfort in knowing we will nurture and guide your child in the years to come and love them with our whole hearts.

    We’d love to get to know you so we can tell them all about you as they grow up and are ready for each age appropriate amount of information. We are flexible and open to whatever level of communication you would like going forward. We currently keep in touch with Sophie’s birth parents and send pictures with regular updates.

    We deeply appreciate you taking the time to get to know us and would love to get to know you as well or answer any questions you might have. We’re very excited to adopt again and become a family of four. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for considering us.

    If you would like to learn more about us or arrange a phone call so we can get to know each other better, please call Adopt An Infant at (800) 905-6990.


    Christy & Geoff



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